What is groupage?

You need to be at the top of your game with a dependable distribution strategy. At Graylaw Freight, we specialise in all thing’s logistics and distribution, helping you to keep up with demand and exceed the expectations of your customers

When it comes to the distribution of goods to your customers, there are a number of avenues you can go down. Depending on the size of your cargo and the budget you are working with, you can opt for full load, part load or groupage distribution – but what does this mean for you?

What are the different kinds of distribution?

As a business owner you will likely be used to the haulage charges that can build up, just for getting your goods to where they need to be. That’s why here at Graylaw Freight we are dedicated to offering a range of options for you and your customers, so that you can get the most out of every delivery.

Big volume freight – full load

If you are distributing a large amount of goods, a full load distribution is usually the most cost-effective way of doing so. Our full load trailers can hold anywhere up to 26 tonnes when delivering anywhere outside of the Isle of Man, which has a capacity limit of 24 tonnes.

Smaller volume freight – part load

Our part load service is perfect for businesses looking to distribute smaller volumes of cargo to areas where a reduced amount of shipments is delivered to. Our part load trailers can accommodate anything up to 24 tonnes and is a great way to avoid wasting money on space you don’t use during delivery. A quick and efficient alternative to groupage if you’re looking to get your goods delivered within a specific time frame.

Groupage distribution

Don’t have a lot to deliver? No problem – with our groupage distribution service we can combine your cargo with our other customers’ in order to save you money on the space you’re not using. Perfect if you have a delivery to make that is too small to warrant a part load trailer, you can literally pay for the space you use and save a fortune on distribution charges whilst remaining economical.

Who should use groupage distribution?

Groupage distribution is a great option for many business owners who are looking to deliver smaller cargo within a broader window of time and who are looking to save considerable amounts of money.

What locations do we cover?

We’re based in Skelmersdale and are one of the leading logistics companies across the following areas of the North West of England:

We also offer a range of services to the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Isles.

Why choose Graylaw Freight for your groupage distribution?

Here at Graylaw Freight we have been working with distribution, storage and logistics for over 35 years, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to getting your goods from A to B.

If you are looking for distribution solutions that will really deliver, contact us on 01695 729101 or email us at info@graylaw.co.uk.