What are Full Loads, Part Loads and Groupage distribution?

Are you looking for a cost-effective distribution service? Graylaw Freight Group are here to help we offer daily services to the Isle of Man,  UK, Ireland, and the Channel Isles. You can have your freight distributed via Full Loads, Part Loads or Groupage.

Whenever you entrust Graylaw with your distribution needs your company will benefit from our guaranteed delivery service with our door-door traceability whether you’re looking to send one-off or send regular consignments of various size Graylaw has the capacity to deliver for you and your customers.

In this blog we are going to outline the benefits of our Full Loads, Part Loads and Groupage services to help you decide on the best solution for your business.

Full Loads
If you are looking for a safe and reliable distribution method for large amounts of cargo than a full load is the best option for you. At Graylaw our full load trailers can hold up to 26 tonnes of freight when delivered to any destination (apart from the Isle of Man where the capacity is 24) and a maximum of 26 pallets.

Part Loads
If you have less than 24 tonnes worth of freight and your looking to significantly reduce your outgoings our part load service is the ideal options for you. Unlike Groupage shipping, where you may have to wait until similar companies require this service. This allows us to pack your items quickly with various other products.

Groupage is essentially the process of us collecting all our customers’ freight and carefully loading it onto one of our trailers so they are full. This means that even though you may only have a small load, you only will only pay for the amount of space that you are using on our trailer, rather than having to pay for empty space.

As a specialist in pallet distribution, by grouping our freight from a range of customers, we are able to provide you with highly competitive quotes for shipping to the Isle of Man,  UK, Ireland, and the Channel Isles.

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