The Benefits of Port Centric Logistics

Port Centric Logistics?

Seen as a terrific move for both transportation companies and the environment, port centric logistics is a growing trend in many businesses moving forward. The term “port centric logistics” refers to a port that receives and handles goods. The process tends to consist of receiving goods, usually from a sea-freight, and then unloading the goods to then be sorted and transported to their given destination, either by railroad or trucking. Some companies will use three types of transport next steps with goods: inbound, outbound and transhipment. With companies such as Graylaw Freight Group, you can be assured that your cargo is handled with care and given the best treatment when being transported to where you need it to go.

The Benefits

There are of course numerous benefits when looking into port centric logistics. The points that mostly stand out as positive for freight forwarding companies are:

Less Mileage Wasted on Empty Containers

Through the use of port centric logistics, transportation companies are given the opportunity to not spend wasted mileage returning an empty container to their base of operations. With being able to transport the contents that you have ordered and not have to waste fuel with a return, the company has the benefit of being able to put costs that would be wasted on fuel into other avenues of the business.

Allows Opportunities for Other Tasks

Port centric logistics also allows for other tasks to be carried out on cargo that is received and must be prepared to distribute. It calls for distributors to take customer satisfaction and objectives into consideration, by taking on other tasks with goods. This can include adding required labels and re-working the arrangement of the pallet they have been transported in, to reduce the chances of damage or wreckage as they continue their journey to their desired destination. This of course enables companies to show how they take care of your goods when in their possession.

Choices When Goods Arrive

One of the best things about port centric logistics being used by transportation companies is the accommodating nature it creates. In using the word accommodating, we mean the adjustability of choosing how best to transport cargo to its next destination. With port centric capabilities, freight forwarding companies are given the opportunity to have a flexible approach to how they handle cargo. They can obtain a pallet at the earliest possible timing if they choose. This lessens the time taken to decide where the cargo should next go and speeds up the process of being delivered, therefore assuring customer satisfaction.

Assists in Stock and Delivery

A main point to be made is visibility. With port centric logistics, freight forwarding companies or transportation companies in general are able to allow the earliest possible chance of showing their visible stock that can be made available to stores or individuals/groups. This allows transportation companies to give direct delivery services to customers and do so in a speedy yet professional manner.

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