Questions You Need to Ask Your Freight Forwarder

Why Does This Matter?

When choosing a freight forwarder, you must ensure that there is a sense of trust before any of your goods are taken and put in transit. Contacting the wrong freight company and not doing enough research is what can cause problems for you and your cargo in the long run. To ensure that you won’t be steered wrong, we at Graylaw Freight Group have compiled a number of important questions that are sure to make it easier to choose the right freight company for you.

“Who is Responsible for Insuring my Cargo?”

Something that needs to be understood is that when a consignment of goods has a long trip to make, there is of course the possibility that something could happen to your goods. Freight handling services will always (expectedly) try their best to keep your goods safe and sound, but you must ensure that you know who is responsible for the insurance of your consignment, as it must be done either way. You must find out if it is something you must personally sort out, or if your freight forwarder will take on the responsibility through offering add-on services like insurance.

“How Much Experience Does Your Company Have?”

Freight companies are capable of being started up by next to anyone. There is actually no call for formal qualifications or certifications to actually begin freight handling as a business. Something you must ensure is that freight forwarders you are considering reaching out to have the amount of experience to handle your cargo safely and professionally. If you put trust into a freight company that does not have much experience in freight handling then there are reasons as to why you should feel uncomfortable in how your cargo will be handled.

“Does Your Company Specialise in My Type of Cargo?”

Linking to the question of how much experience a freight forwarder has in their profession, it is also important to look into whether a freight forwarder has experience dealing in the cargo you need to be transported. Some freight shipping companies will assert themselves as freight forwarders for all types of cargo, whereas some will be very specific in what cargo is stored on their freights. It is always good to remember that you want your goods to be in the best care possible, so if there are freight companies that can apply a specialist team to your goods, then it will be a much more comfortable experience all around.

“How Established is Your Network?”

If from the United Kingdom, you will find that most freight services UK based will usually have a well-established network for their transportation. However, some can not be so varied on where they travel. It is imperative that you ensure you ask the freight forwarder who will be carrying your goods and if they can move your items through specific places (you may have specifications to ensure an easier, more fitting journey). From here you will know if that freight company is for you or not.

“What are The Shipping Load Services Your Company Offers?”

With freight forwarding, there are three main types of shipping load services available in terms of sea freights. There is ‘full container load’ (FCL), ‘less than container load’ (LCL) and there is ‘roll on, roll off’ (RORO). You need to make sure that all of these methods are available and that you also get the correct service for your goods to be transported by. For example, if you do not have enough goods to fill an entire container, and the freight company doesn’t offer a service for joint container transportation, it will mean you paying more. It will also mean a slower process for your goods reaching their destination. Know everything about a freight forwarder’s shipping load services before you approach them to make sure that you will be given the correct price and service.

“Who is Responsible for Organising Documentation for my Goods?”

As you may already know, freight forwarders help in taking the stress away with sending items somewhere, hence why it is still effective today. However, there can be added stress when it comes to the documentation involved. When contacting a freight company to inquire about their services, it is important to also enquire about who is responsible for all of the documentation involved; you or the freight company? In most cases, freight forwarders will be responsible for this as they will usually be overly experienced in dealing with importing/exporting documentation, but it is still always best to make sure you know who that side of things is left to for fulfilment.

“Is it Possible for me to Track my Cargo?”

With today’s technology, it is ingenious to implement tracking systems for people to track their goods during transportation to/from a destination. It gives people a piece of mind and it also allows the prompting of communication to be made if there are any visible hold ups in goods being transported. Nowadays, there will be very few freight forwarders that do not have the use of tracking technology, however it is of course always best to ask as this is an obvious incentive for having your cargo transported through a particular freight forwarder. Some people may not care for this service, in which case any freight forwarder should be beneficial for your freight forwarding needs.

“Is Your Company Financially Sound?”

Though it may seem unlikely, it is not unheard of for a freight company’s financial situation to bring customer’s cargo movement to a standstill. The last thing anyone wants is for your cargo to not be released for the simple reason that the freight forwarder could not pay the ocean carrier. When finding out about a freight company, and as forward as it may seem, it is plausible to do your research if possible into how successful they are thus far and if they are reliable enough to carry your goods somewhere for you.

“What is Included in The Cost?”

When it all comes down to it, you just want to ultimately know how much the services of a freight forwarder will cost you. You must always make sure that there are no hidden costs, and this can be done effectively by asking what is included the service you want. If something doesn’t interest you, see if taking that away decreases the price at all.

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