How Graylaw’s freight services can benefit the grocery trade

Are you looking for reliable shipping methods for your grocery stock? Here at Graylaw Freight, we are the market leaders in food transportation – who provide shipping services to leading supermarkets in the Isle of Man, Ireland and the UK.

Thanks to our extensive experience working alongside the grocery trade, we have excellent knowledge of supermarket logistics – including the planning and coordinating of personalised transport routes to guarantee a timely and safe arrival. Using Navman GPS tracking systems and vehicle telematics we can establish the best routes for your freight, whilst also monitoring the whereabouts of your goods in real-time.

Once we have customised your route, we can then advise on the best storage and shipment services for your business. We offer the following grocery distribution services:


We offer a number of storage options for your grocery distribution, including the use of our pallets, which are ideal for storing fragile and heavy goods, such as groceries and medical supplies. This method enables undisturbed transport of goods to their required destination.

You can also arrange to store your goods in our durable trailers – available in the Isle of Man, Ireland and the Channel Isles. If you’re planning to ship groceries in bulk, then our full load service offers an expansive space to fit everything you need.  We also offer our groupage option which is ideal for distributing goods that do not fill the full trailer. This is extremely cost-effective for smaller grocery stores, as you only pay for the space you use, in comparison to other freight companies who charge per container.

To make sure your products are preserved whilst in storage, we offer temperature-controlled facilities for supermarkets in the Isle of Man. This is ideal for perishable foods and specific medical supplies that must be stored under specific temperatures. This will ensure that you receive your groceries in perfect condition – and are ready to sell.


Once your supplies have been safely stored by our skilled staff, they can be distributed to your preferred destination via land and sea.

We have a selection of premium haulage vehicles available for all shipment types. For small consignments, we would suggest choosing one of our small vans, whilst bulk shipments will require the use of our large lorries with attached trailers. All our vehicles operate on our extensive road network which spans the UK, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man, Ireland and mainland Europe – allowing us to cater for supermarkets and grocery stores in a wide range of locations.

One of the most beneficial distribution methods for a large supermarket is shipping by sea, as our sea vessels can safely transport mass amounts of groceries overseas within specific time frames This is also a very economical choice, as it usually only takes one journey, in comparison to other forms of transport which can be costly due to making multiple trips back and forth.

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As one of the leading grocery distributors in the Manx region and beyond, we can provide everything you need to maintain your supply chain and improve the distribution of your goods.

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