Graylaw goes port-centric

Graylaw goes port centric

The recent multi-million-pound investment into the Liverpool 2 port program has been a pivotal moment in reinforcing the North West’s strategic location. The ability for the port to handle the much larger container ships previously unable to dock in Liverpool has allowed the Liverpool gateway to be truly global.

Port-centric logistics is becoming increasingly popular in the world of warehousing and distribution. Whether you’re a small start-up company or an established multi-million-pound corporation, you want your goods to arrive safely at their destination and in the shortest possible amount of time. The port-centric method is a fantastic way to ensure this happens every time – and, here at the Graylaw Freight Group, this is something we are now happy to offer all of our customers.

Graylaw are ideally located on the M58 motorway ideally placed between the port’s location and the M6 and national motorway network. This enabling the imported commodities to be received into our distribution terminal, handled sorted and then despatched anywhere within the UK on a next day basis. it is the perfect option for businesses who want to streamline their supply chain and deliver products as quickly and professionally as possible. It’s like cutting out the middleman. The goods are unloaded, sorted at the port, and sent straight to where they need to be by lorry or train; ultimately, saving you a lot of time and money.

The Liverpool city region’s investment in jobs and training has seen a much-needed improvement in young people’s awareness of the potential a career in logistics offers. We are an active partner with an academy in Skelmersdale with the West Lancs college resulting in several apprentices joining our team. Industry continues to grow within the Liverpool region with many companies choosing Liverpool to locate their business.  Those that require a distribution network to enable the final delivery of their products come to Graylaw as we are locally based with a national reach.

Skelmersdale as a location provides many advantages. Geographically as mentioned earlier offers an excellent point to base ourselves with local connections to the motorway network and also flexibility on routes when roads become congested and delays incurred. Our partnership with West Lancs college has been a great success by giving young people with a positive can do attitude a work place who will develop them and allow them to flourish, we have seen several apprentices join and progress into full time roles.

The challenges Skelmersdale presents are mainly due to poor public transport links, the ability of staff for our organisation and those of business in the area to commute into and around Skelmersdale is not easy, not being on the rail network is a topic often raised and projects have been discussed but to date nothing confirmed.

At times the unfair reputation of the area can be seen negatively by the uninformed, Skelmersdale has and continues to be a fantastic place for our company and has played a very significant part in its success. As keen members of the local Skelmersdale ambassadors we are ‘doing our bit’ to sing the praises of the area, its people and the thriving business community within to raise its profile in the region and beyond.