Everything You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

Graylaw Freight are the UK’s premier freight forwarding company, with years of experience coordinating freight movements across the UK, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland, Europe and further afield. Their own freight transport network spans the entirety of the British Isles and some of mainland Europe, but their ability to act as freight forwarders means that they can take your consignment even further, delivering it anywhere in the world. Our tried and trusted freight forwarding network consists of expert shipping and haulage companies across the globe, making sure that we can get your cargo where you need it to be, when you need it to be there!

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a different kind of cargo transport to haulage or shipping, since, instead of transporting the consignment in their own vehicles, the freight forwarder coordinates with other companies to handle the transportation. This allows a freight forwarder to arrange the transport of cargo across areas which span the ranges of multiple freight carriers, making a delivery which one company on its own could not.

With a trusted and established network of freight carriers and contacts in the haulage industry, a freight forwarding company can arrange these journeys much more easily and much more reliably than a non-specialist could, ensuring smooth travel for your consignments, wherever you need them to go.

How Does a Freight Forwarding Company Work?

A freight forwarding company, like Graylaw Freight, works by leveraging its impressive expertise in the area of logistics and freight movement, alongside an extensive network of professional industry contacts, to arrange the transportation of a consignment across often long distances.

A freight forwarder is therefore a step above a freight haulage company in scope and abilities, coordinating a number of companies to transport the goods and working out the most efficient route and transport across every stage of the journey.

What is the Difference Between A Freight Forwarder and a Broker?

A freight forwarder may seem similar to a freight broker, but there are several key differences. The first and most important is that while a freight forwarder takes possession of the consignment and stores it where necessary, a freight broker cannot. This means that while a freight forwarder and a freight broker both coordinate the movement of freight, a freight forwarding company like Graylaw Freight provides a more complete service, able to take possession of your cargo where necessary and transport it themselves, while a freight broker cannot do so; some freight brokers don’t even have a physical premises and operate exclusively via coordinating other companies!

How Does Freight Forwarding Relate to Logistics?

Freight forwarding and logistics have considerable overlap when you consider the expertise required, the services provided and the companies which are able to provide those services. This is because, like freight forwarding, logistics involves the coordination of often complex haulage and shipping delivery routes, cost-effective route planning, and timely delivery of consignments.

Another similarity between the two involves skill overlap – experienced freight forwarding companies may offer logistical services to companies, as their expertise in freight forwarding and the useful professional network built up for this purpose allow for a smooth transition into the world of company logistical support. Graylaw Freight Group is one such freight forwarding company, with a full logistics service available – get in touch with us on 01695 729101 or visit our logistics page for more information on what we can do for you!

Can Freight Forwarding Companies Use Air Freight or Shipping by Sea?

A freight forwarder gets by in the world of cargo transport and logistics by using industry expertise to arrange the best, most efficient and most cost-effective routes for a consignment to take. As such, they are almost always capable of making use of air freight and shipping by sea, contracting relevant companies to carry the consignment in this way where necessary.

Graylaw Freight have our own network of shipping and air freight transport options, but where your consignment has to travel further by sea or air than our own carrying capacity allows, we also maintain a network of industry contacts which allow us to guarantee freight forwarding by air or sea, wherever you need your cargo to go.

What Freight Forwarding Services Can Graylaw Freight Provide?

Graylaw Freight Group are the UK’s foremost freight forwarding company, with haulage, shipping, air freight, distribution and warehousing networks that stretch across the UK, Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man, the Channel Isles and Mainland Europe. Thanks to our industry-leading expertise and logistical experience, Graylaw Freight can provide freight forwarding services that can’t be beaten – with our route planning expertise and industry knowledge, we can arrange your cargo delivery for you.

Freight Forwards in Liverpool, Manchester & Warrington

From our base in Skelmersdale, Graylaw Freight Group can offer industry-leading freight forwarding services to Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington – as well as far further afield. With a transportation network stretching from the Westernmost point of Ireland into Mainland Europe, and from the northernmost point of Scotland down to the Channel Isles, you can rely on Graylaw Freight Group to move your cargo. If you need to make a delivery outside of our normal range, our expertise as Britain’s leading freight forwarding company means that we can reliably and consistently achieve industry-leading results across the world, whether you need your consignment to go two streets over or to Timbuktu.

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