An introduction to pallet distribution

What is most important to your customers? Is it a high-quality product, a reliable service, or simply one that is easy to use? The likelihood is, it’s all of the above. For you, that means having an effective pallet distribution strategy in place – and at Graylaw Freight we can provide you with just that.

We understand the value of great customer service. Which is why we work with a range of businesses to transport consignments from A to B. Whether your goods are fragile or heavy, large or small, we can use over 35 years’ expertise in logistics to tailor to your specific consignment requirements.

If you are looking for more efficient ways to handle your pallet deliveries, here is everything you need to know first.

What is pallet distribution?

If you’ve never used pallet distribution before, then you may not be aware of the many benefits it can bring to your business.

  • Pallets are usually wooden structures; they’re easy to fix, versatile and cost- effective as a means of storage and transport for an array of consignments
  • Pallet delivery is now the most popular method of distribution in the world – with around 55 million timber pallet units being produced each year in the UK alone
  • Pallets come in a number of sizes, however, the UK standard pallet size is considered to be 1200 x 1000 x 150mm
  • Palletised delivery systems allow businesses to transport as many or as few consignments as they need to all at once. Not only is this cost-effective for you, but it also improves the speed in which your customers receive their goods
  • Moving goods from one place to another on a grand scale requires logistics and coordination in order to meet specific time requirements. That’s why most businesses use a specialist company like ours for their pallet distribution requirements

Why should you use pallet distribution for your business?

We realise it can be a daunting prospect to give control of your consignments to an external company. You are putting the reputation of your business into someone else’s hands – but we don’t take this responsibility lightly. From the time your goods are collected to the moment they are delivered, you want to be confident that things are being taken care of. So why should you use a pallet delivery service?

There are many benefits of specialist pallet distribution. But we understand that we may be a little biased. So instead here’s what palletised distribution can do for YOU:

  • Peace of mind that regardless of your workload, your customer’s goods are safely on-route, leaving you to focus your attention elsewhere
  • Around the clock care – we offer door to door coverage throughout the UK with same day, next day, timed, Saturday and economy service options to meet your needs
  • Make use of the in-house logistics team, who can keep you up-to-date on the whereabouts of your consignment, using door-to-door tracing technology.
  • Hazardous cargo? Be confident that your cargo is being professionally handled every step of the way
  • Warehousing and storage services make for a seamless transition from the get-go – with everything taken care of for you, all under one roof
  • Benefit from a specialist network setup – we partner with the UPN Pallet Network so we can offer our pallet distribution anywhere using our freight services
  • Expand your business – make the most of your pallet distributors network and reach customers around the UK, or even further afield.
  • Specialist goods? Speak to us about our extensive range of temperature-controlled shipping services.

How does Graylaw Freight’s pallet distribution service work?

With you and your customer at the core, we make our pallet delivery service as straight-forward and seamless as possible. If something was to go wrong, our team can get things back on track with minimal disruption.

We take the time to get all the information we need from you, including specific cargo requirements and time frames. Going forward we will get the pallets sent to a distribution warehouse for storage until delivery is due. Checking every delivery thoroughly and ensuring any requirements are met before departure.

From the word go, tracking is in place, so that you can see where things are up to. When the goods have been delivered, you are the first to know. It’s thanks to our seamless operational structure that we always aim to deliver your pallet within 24-48 hours, location permitting.

Unsure whether pallet distribution is right for your business? We work with a range of different clients, particularly those working with:

  • Heavy goods
  • 1-5 pallet consignments
  • Regular quantities
  • Fragile goods
  • Consignments that require fast and economical shipping

Consider Graylaw Freight for your pallet distribution needs

We have a solid back catalogue of longstanding clients who have returned to our service time and time again. So, if you’re looking for better ways to distribute your goods, why not consider us?

Based in Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Preston or Chester? You can benefit from our local pallet delivery services. If you are further out, that is no problem, we have a number of clients based in Scotland, Ireland and even the Isle of Man. So, if you want to find out how we can cater to your needs, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.