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10 Facts About Freights & Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding, being as popular as ever, is still a frequent technique in transporting goods, for both personal and business uses. Freight Forwarding deals with the shipping of goods from one destination to another through freight companies using carries such as air freights, ocean freights and road freights. Freight handling may not be one of...

The Benefits of Port Centric Logistics

Port Centric Logistics? Seen as a terrific move for both transportation companies and the environment, port centric logistics is a growing trend in many businesses moving forward. The term “port centric logistics” refers to a port that receives and handles goods. The process tends to consist of receiving goods, usually from a sea-freight, and then...



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Thank you very much – your company is the best freight company I have dealt with, service was fantastic and we look forward to doing further business in the future

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