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Graylaw Freight Group are the leading freight forwarders in Bolton, with a transport network which covers the entirety of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man and across Europe, while our trusted partners carry freight at industry-leading quality and price across the world, making sure that our clients can always ship freight where they need it to go.

A freight forwarder is different from a logistics or haulage company due to their ability to coordinate complex operations between other freight companies, with the freight forwarder using their industry knowledge, contacts, expertise and planning ability to coordinate the most cost-effective, fastest and most reliable shipping routes, across the transport networks of many other companies.

This allows a freight forwarder to accomplish journeys that no other freight company can, at a lower cost – and no freight forwarder can compete with Graylaw Freight Group. Using our extensive experience and expertise as Bolton freight forwarders, as well as our founding membership of the United Pallet Network pallet delivery service, Graylaw Freight Group can coordinate the speedy, cost-effective and reliable delivery of freight wherever you may need it to go!

Graylaw Freight are also better-equipped than other Bolton Freight Forwarders thanks to our extensive transport network. Where other freight forwarders must entrust the vast majority of their consignments to other shipping companies at all points of the journey, Graylaw Freight Group’s well-developed shipping and haulage abilities mean that we can provide the majority of the Bolton freight forwarding at a much more competitive price, using our own drivers and shipping. This helps to make sure that our Bolton Freight Forwarding services can’t be beaten, and keeps us at the forefront of our market.


If you would like to know more about our freight forwarding, Bolton or otherwise, you can get in touch with the Graylaw Freight head office at any time using our telephone number, 01695729101, or send a request for a free, no-obligation quote using the contact form on the right of this page. We’ll be happy to help you find the best freight forwarding service for your needs – whatever they are!

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