Considerations for Temperature Controlled to Isle of Man

Essential factors to consider about shipping temperature-controlled products to the Isle of Man

The initial step is to determine the precise temperature needs of the products. Pharmaceuticals typically require a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C, with some needing freezing temperatures below -20°C. Perishable foods like dairy, meat, and seafood usually need to be kept at or below 4°C. Accurate knowledge of these requirements is crucial for selecting suitable packaging and transportation methods.

Packaging is vital for maintaining the necessary temperature. Insulated containers are essential for reducing temperature fluctuations. Gel packs, dry ice, or PCMs can help maintain the required temperature. Refrigerated trucks ensure consistent temperature control. At Graylaw International, we offer daily services to the Isle of Man using our fleet of arctic and rigid temperature-controlled vehicles.

Choosing the Right Transportation Company 

The transportation company must be flexible to meet the product’s temperature requirements and delivery timelines. Once your shipment arrives at our Skelmersdale and Heysham depots, it is loaded onto our partnered vessels for Isle of Man deliveries.

Monitoring and Tracking and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance 

Continuous monitoring ensures your Isle of Man shipping remains within the desired temperature range. GPS-enabled devices provide real-time updates and alerts for any temperature deviations. At Graylaw International, our reliable GPS tracking system and vehicle telematics allow customers to continuously monitor all delivery temperatures in real time.

Compliance with UK and Isle of Man regulatory guidelines is essential for pharmaceuticals and perishable food, ensuring the entire supply chain is managed appropriately. Adhering to regulations, such as UK and Isle of Man food safety standards, is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of perishable foods. With 35 years of experience in UK and Isle of Man shipping, Graylaw International are experts in navigating regulations smoothly, especially since temperature controlled to Isle of Man involves sea freight and are time-sensitive.

Effective Risk Management and Contingency Planning 

Consider weather conditions and potential delays that could impact temperature control. At Graylaw International, our carefully selected hubs located in Skelmersdale, Heysham, and Douglas Harbour in the Isle of Man are equipped with backup refrigeration units for emergencies.

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